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  1. fix the price of luna to reroll stats please

    Because Korea has a large amount of players who contribute regularly to the BCM while NA has 3 servers with a population of 5000 active players. There are costs associated running a game that are fixed costs, for NCSoft to be profitable here, there’s a much smaller amount of people who can cover those fixed costs compared to Korea, so they have to charge higher prices to cover the prices.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 23, 2019

    I don’t think you understand the amount of time it takes updates to go through planning, development, testing, bug fixes and rolling into production. We literally just got the enchantment stone update, it will take a while before we get other updates, especially completely new features. (Such as a permanent transformation off switch.) 6.5 was released in July so it’ll probably be at least 2-3 months before we get it. 7.0 will be at least 8 more months.
  3. Ultimate stones haven’t reduced the enchantment level since the patch came out. None of my pve gear went down when I failed with an ultimate stone before this most recent update.
  4. Oversea Aion might not have same patch as KR 6.5

    We’re most likely getting up through like June for 5.6, but we won’t get the update for skill +ing, that didn’t get added until like September.
  5. Skill Devotion assassin buged

    Weapon damage only applies to auto attack’s and you’ll see an 8% increase in overall physical attack which effects skill damage. Not using this skill will lower your overall DPS over time by likely 5-6%
  6. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    They also have by far the strongest defensive buffs in the game. Templar’s were able to put off way to much damage in 5.8 compared their ability to outlast. You still can’t kill a evenly geared Templar if they want to survive vs melee and they’re decent at their class.
  7. Cross Server Instances

    Most people aren’t going to want to pug IDD or PF, and honestly I don’t even trust FM or BoS without a pre-arranged premade.
  8. Server Merge

    Should have never created a new server in the first place.
  9. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    @emu-DN are you sure? Because all of the “season” references I can find only reference rewards for the month but have no bearing on the actual transformation ranks.
  10. EK Incentives / Catch up?

    You knew that when you decided to roll on the new server. You didn’t have to, but chose to. Plus honestly, it’s easier to get geared on a lesser populated server in terms of pvp. You have a higher chance at higher rewards at sieges, camps are easier to do, there’s less competition for mobs for drops in open world.
  11. Make gear from IDD/PF tradeable

    Why? So you would be done after 2 weeks of playing lol? You don’t need full purple gear to do end game content.
  12. Confirmed

    We’ve gotten more shugos in the past 2 weeks than we had gotten the previous month, we run all the instances several times a week (we all have 2 toons). It’s just RNG. The critical rate for crafting I believe is 1/7 and always has been
  13. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    The seasons are just time based awards for contribution during the month and have no bearing on actual transform ranks I believe.
  14. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Or just have another set of Accs (coe even) that you switch to that have HB and switch back lol.
  15. That’s the way it’s always been. You either have to do the most damage or do it in group. Allliances only count if it has [Alliance] in the quest name.0