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  1. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Or just have another set of Accs (coe even) that you switch to that have HB and switch back lol.
  2. That’s the way it’s always been. You either have to do the most damage or do it in group. Allliances only count if it has [Alliance] in the quest name.0
  3. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    SWs and clerics can still support, but it enchances your ability to do so. I personally love these updates as it allows clerics/SWs take on more traditional DPS roles or full support roles and enhances it more. But if you choose to do full support but want to do DPS there will be drawbacks, as there should be. Or you can stay middle of the ground by not using the buffs.
  4. AIon 7.0

    Stella Industries- New 6 man Instance with 2 difficulty levels, easy and normal (hard and a new difficulty added later), with 2 paths, one normal and one with unique navigation. Possible to get ultimate gear on easy mode. BoS will be turned into solo instance and made much smaller and will drop ancient equipment. Mirash is being removed. FM will be 3 man instance, will drop ancient and legendary equipment. NTC being re-added, but it’ll be a monotony type breaking instance to help speed up leveling.
  5. Are you sure everything our mailbox will be okay? Because in Korea everything in mailboxes were deleted.
  6. 381x Poppy Boxes rewards statistics

    The most effective way to use this event was to use extra letters to buy omegas to + up gear. If you had used the 4993 letters originally to buy omegas, and assuming 5m loss for the AP cost, you could have gotten over 400 omegas to + up gear, for 2b, when those would normally cost 40b. For example, it takes approximately 17 omegas to + 10 a Core during the power up event. So you could have +’d up approximately 20 essence cores to + 10 which would have gotten you an additional 18b approximately after costs considered for plussing them up.
  7. LF Static FM Group DN - A

    What are your hard stats, attack/crit/equipment?
  8. Thank you, some random reports just made me quit.

    If you’re not being persecuted by the government, then your freedom of speech is intact lol.
  9. They ruined Glad forever!

    Like I said, try fighting regularly without UD and you will see if it helps or not lol.
  10. They ruined Glad forever!

    Bullshit lol. Try playing glad or temp without UD and see how well you do. Leathers will eat you alive. And in 6.0 almost all stun/knockdown penetration skills are removed so it’ll be even more powerful.
  11. They ruined Glad forever!

    UD only last 30 secs but they reduced the CD to 1 min... so effectively it’s the same (50% up time) and even slightly better. Especially considering that remove shock is only 30 sec cd now too.
  12. Slayer form of darkness doesn’t really change the sin’s style, but it makes it a ton more nyerking powerful. The 700 MA boost and increased attack range make sins almost impossible to kite or resist their hard CC. And the 5K hp boost is just icing.
  13. Assassin FM stats

    I’m finally in a position to begin working on my PVE set more heavily. What are the hard stats I need to be decent DPS in FM? 1300 attack/1400 crit unbuffed? I’m planning on plussing up my grey wolf accs, I just need to know what stats I should be aiming for. Thank you!