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  1. it is good for you i kill mobs they dont drop coins for me qq i kill fast too
  2. every single thing you just said i do agree and i felt that way many sometimes, honest this is what i think. korean game companies are well known for making good mmorpg BUT they need to learn how to manage comunity, not like company and players it have to be trend Blizzard did well so look their the bigest company, i think NCsoft need more time to understand us as well give sometime to NCsoft they will find better solution for us. they just found out, it is not same as korean costumers. and ghost whisper me in game i just start gearing and lvl my ranger but i have no idea
  3. sup man i know you we play together i think doing pvp edit:binari OK every korean out there i am sorry i named my alta like that but i was drunk and mad so please understand. ^^ i will change soon
  4. i feel bad too i farm 1880 coins and i have my family here with me i dont havbe time rite now but i farmed i farmed good i think for that metter. BUT we did wrong too we farm the s h i t out of it lol power of demand hey 1 thing those who farmed they love aion too lol
  5. i see no offence dude but i am sick of this price thing on forum there ARE NO perfect solution here some will think it is fair but some wont, i think it is better just understand ncsoft they did their best yet we think it wasnt but hey work is work. price i dont know but i know for sure it is better we all move on price is set what can we do? i think ncsoft did wrong bring event buged BUT also we are wrong too knowing that they said they gonna change prices and yet we still farm 24/7, i am NOT here for being nyerk guys i want you to understand it is not ncsoft problem it is ours as well.
  6. really? did you guys even had people pvp? i can ask noto what was situation was in DN server! i bet it was same as KT nobody was pvp! i am not worry people challenge me i have skill to do it i was once in DN server i dueled alot of people one of those the best i lost i won but i won more than lost when we duel in abby i was once in AE with noto ask them about me "dooki" gladiator. edit: i am only worry about economics in game and gear balance, those who doesnt try to do FM evergale tia eye were only way to get geared i understand BUT it was TOO EZ just follow altas and make 1k~
  7. so sad you leaving i understand how you feel about those hackers. well i am thinking the same.
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