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  1. 7 hours ago, Fungie said:

    Not only is IS imbalanced, SIel is now becoming the new IS because everyone from IS came over to this server. People cannot level, they cant do siege, hell its getting to the point where people cant do pve like DC because of alliances blocking the entrances and making people lose their runs. People are getting banned for going in SR, and we haven't seen one event after us playing for 3 months. 

    Granted this is a pvp/pve game, but people shouldn't have to worry about losing their DC, shouldn't be worried about the enemy faction raiding into towns every hour.  Both of the servers are so bad right now but I haven't seen anyone talk about Siel, you gave surveys to IS asmos thinking that magically makes everything okay but it didn't. Do something about the servers, put guards infront of dungeons now, do something about the servers instead of adding 1 skin every 2 weeks to the shop and nothing else

    What  ? SL is fine haha 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Brinx said:

    Can't really understand. All asking for events + xp buffs + stupid stuff so for all the things which ruined the original Aion.

    We have our beloved game back now. Just enjoy it.

    If you want events, easy levelling, shops and so on, go on live version and let us play the classic version as it is supposed to be.


  3. 31 minutes ago, Amiteahx-KT said:

    Cyan it’s already May and we are missing rewards for February, March and April for arena of Discipline. A fix needs to come in, this is simply unacceptable and NCsoft has fixed harder things on much shorter time frame.
    If you cannot get a fix for NCsoft Korea, then someone at NCwest needs to manually give out rewards for each character.
    Compile the top 1000 for each month and reward Luna. If that’s too hard you may just need to reward every character who has say over 2010 points 400 Luna, 2020 points 600 Luna, 2030 points 800 Luna and so on for example. What you cannot do is keep the community waiting for a possible response from you every Wednesday. You cannot leave us in the dark.

    Imagine all the FM we could be running :(

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