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  1. Let me see if I get this right, punish everyone (impeded gameplay) because of the actions of a few? Why are these clowns still in the game? This again makes no sense to me at all, if anything it tells me you guys are unwilling to punish or bann for just about anything it seems like. Public examples would set a a better precedent.
  2. @Cyan

    Let us be completely honest, this bug/glitch whatever has more of an impact on the game then people leveling to 80 in poeta back in the day and they handed out perm bans for that. I am pretty sure they treated it the same way, let it go for weeks with people complaining so others jumped in and leveled up and then they dropped the hammer and that was just exp, not end game gear.
  3. @Cyan

    No response from a GM or CM is not quite the right direction. Without a response, more people will just assume that no action will be taken so if everyone is abusing the entries, why not join them? Sure you can't blame most people for having a few extra entries because of this but there are obvious ones with double digit entries who you probably need to make an example of. It is not an "accident" to have 20 entries, its abuse plain and simple. Off with his head!!!
  4. Event and Bots

    Exactly, he defines a bot that is anyone that is quicker then him to open a box. He also seems quite confused between a bot and an alt. Many people have numerous accounts just to farm events, get over it. If you don't like it, don't do the event or don't try to pick boxes right when event resets. It is not rocket science. Reporting....lmao what a noob.
  5. Seriously if they can no longer be sold on the broker, remove the level restriction or change them to level 30 to go with the event level. I am sure people would like to buy ancient transforms on lower level accounts.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    So happy, thank you Ncsoft for letting me get my weapon, armor and few other pieces upgraded and then slamming the door on everyone else on gear progression to tier 2. Who and where do I need to send a check to. Gear gap will be huge now.
  7. Access Restriction Notice?

    After playing with this some more, it seems I have a lot of trouble if I try to log into the character I want but if I select a character that I don't want, then select the character I do want, then single click start seems to work fine without hanging up but I always forget the process and crash the acccount 2-3 times before I get it right.
  8. Access Restriction Notice?

    Just FYI, I still get it once in a while single clicking but don't panic, nobody is logging your account. That is a completely different message and you would also get an email about access from a new ip address. They DO need to fix this though, its really annoying, you didn't do anything wrong just close account and try again and focus on the single clicks.
  9. Access Restriction Notice?

    Really none of you figured this out? The problem is you are like me, you like to double click on the character you want to log into and sometimes it will grab it right and bring up the screen where you type in your pass code and other times the double click will make it try to skip past that screen like which causes that error. It is a very hard habit for me to break and now I am trying my best to single click the character then single click the select button. It is kind of a pita but not the end of the world.
  10. If you were smart enough to SS the transform (as I would have the minute they announced they were shutting down in 10 minutes) I would go ahead and try to ticket it, worst case they say no but I would bet they fix it since they already have enough people pissed off today.
  11. White Knight appears yet again, lets ban them while we are at it Luci!
  12. This Event....

    I think that is why he mentioned the sellable scroll how nice of you Ncsoft.
  13. CoE Shugo?

    I managed 5 skill books yesterday but as you can see, I am still missing the COE skill. I think what he means is the shugo was removed from COE, not the game obviously but clearly they don't seem to have a handle on whats going on in their updates and changes. Its ridiculous that I can farm ALL my other skills and still not have a COE shugo.
  14. After going thru all changes, I am overall very happy with all the changes to the luna. I expected you to stick it to us for the luna mat to luna recipe but I for one find that recipe very cheap and a great deal though I rather save all my mats for kinah boxes but it does present options on resetting instances on characters that I would never actually buy luna on. The only recipe that seems way off to me is the ancient transform recipe. 25 luna lights to craft just an ancient is ridiculously high amount which might have been more in line with the game at the launch of 6.0 when nobody had ancient transforms but we are well past that point.
  15. Manually looting the bodies every 5-10 minutes is not "afking it" as you keep claiming and even if it were to be be true (which it is obviously not) then any player with a lick of sense would notice who is afking botting and looting and who is not. You claim not to see any of this because your afk but also claim to be manually looting? Which one is it? Get off the fence, make up your mind, take a stand. The bad thing about this is people seem to accept that afk botting this crap is accepted. GMs should visit these spawns every so often and just flat out drop ban hammer on these morons standing around getting loot.