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  1. FIXED!!! I tried new passwords several times with not luck. I ended up making a new email account and then switching the game account old email to the new email and it cleared up the problem.
  2. No there is a definite bug. I have an account I don't think that has ever had a change password on it. First day with this launcher it says it is the wrong password so I go to the Aion site, actually log into the account and go to settings and make a new password anyway. Log out of site then back in to make sure it works there, return to game, plug in the new password and still says wrong password. I am baffled.
  3. I am sorry as there is no kind way to say this but anyone that spends more then 30 bucks on this game in its current state is just an idiot, then on top of that from their past events and updates, I don't see the point of spending thousands to get an edge just to have the whole system get scrapped on the next big update. That has pretty much been the cycle over time is fleece you for cash in an update give it a few months, scrap it, put in new and better armor and repeat the cycle which is actually one of the many reasons I left. I find the whole system boring and monotonous.
  4. Actually there used to be some old bug that wouldn't load the game that you had to change permission on AION to run in like windows 7 or 8. That is probably not it but if all else fails, give it a try.
  5. If you lose items to a broker bot trying to pass it to an alt you simply deserve it. Why would you be so freaking cheap since in reality on only lose the listing fee anyway. You can complain all you want but trying to pass items thru the broker at a cheap price is just as bad as the person running the bot. Quit trying to abuse the system passing stuff to alts for mere pennies.
  6. I hate to say this but I totally disagree. Really it should be applied evenly but active accounts like governor, siege leader should really be hit. They actually had to evaluate the situation and decided it was worth the risk to put their main account at risk to breaks rules not intended to be broken which is not the kind of people that should be leading any game, I am pretty sure you made the same decision.
  7. Though I quit this game long ago, I try to drop in can keep up with what is going on. From what I understand on the bans, 7 days are usually first offenders which makes sense if people are making lots of alt accounts to do this on. Perm ban tends to be people who have been caught before breaking the rules which I would think would be the more established accounts they are passing the kinah along to. I don't mind them doing their jobs and banning people but the truth of the matter is if they really did their jobs to start with and bann kinah buyers, the option to trade kinah in the game woul
  8. You are not actually locked out, it is just an error. You have to try slow single clicks and try clicking enter instead of double clicking the character like you usually do. It is super annoying though.
  9. For the love of god why do you guys always break stuff? Massive severe pin problems which was ironed out months ago is back!!!! Now instead of a few quick clicks to log in it takes an eternity just for it to throw an error about locking you out for 8 hours. Please fix.
  10. I have to laugh at what people find important these days, again always worried what so and so is doing instead of just minding your own damn business. Seriously if you dumb ass has to cash a stimulus check to get by I would say you have bigger problems then not being able to pay to play the event.
  11. WOW what a terrible idea and someone actually posted it.
  12. OK typically if it is a PSU problem then you have a problem right from the start and not shutting down like it is doing. This is typically heat realated and 9 time out of 10 it is a simple matter of crap built up in the CPU cooler if it is a fan cooled system. It obviously cool enough to start the game but heats over time and not getting cooled quick enough. Check the cpu cooler first especially if you have pets and a crappy case with poor dust covers.
  13. It is not just Germ doing these, you can see them all along the top of the fort coming out of their luna instances when siege starts, it is always the same group though that have been abusing everything else and yet they are still here. Pretty sure I have seen it at Divine as well since there were asmos on our side instantly as we came off the platform.
  14. I may be mistaken but it seems I had this problem one year when I took my laptop with me on vacation one year after I had just reformatted it and I spent a day or two reading mostly garbage posts but it I seem to remember right clicking on the icon and changing it to run in compatibility for windows 7 and it ended up working fine. This was a couple years ago, I could be mistaken but it is worth trying.
  15. Seriously, use some common sense and logic on this. You really think people have broker bots sitting around buying up shoulders for 100 mill a pop? The honest answer is it was sniped because it was probably still a good deal and if you selling it back to yourself thru the broker, why would you price it low anyway since you really are out just the broker cost. I am not saying there are not broker bots but obviously you fail at identifying them.
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