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  1. After going thru all changes, I am overall very happy with all the changes to the luna. I expected you to stick it to us for the luna mat to luna recipe but I for one find that recipe very cheap and a great deal though I rather save all my mats for kinah boxes but it does present options on resetting instances on characters that I would never actually buy luna on. The only recipe that seems way off to me is the ancient transform recipe. 25 luna lights to craft just an ancient is ridiculously high amount which might have been more in line with the game at the launch of 6.0 when nobody had ancient transforms but we are well past that point.
  2. Manually looting the bodies every 5-10 minutes is not "afking it" as you keep claiming and even if it were to be be true (which it is obviously not) then any player with a lick of sense would notice who is afking botting and looting and who is not. You claim not to see any of this because your afk but also claim to be manually looting? Which one is it? Get off the fence, make up your mind, take a stand. The bad thing about this is people seem to accept that afk botting this crap is accepted. GMs should visit these spawns every so often and just flat out drop ban hammer on these morons standing around getting loot.
  3. Skins are "End Game Items"

    The name change was a bit much. Its not a drug or racial slur, just in bad taste but hardly offensive. He was willing to go to the trouble of changing the name but not swap the skin, wow.
  4. Aion support.

    They actually do weird stuff. My afk alt that I use to enter COE, HM, etc bot suspended for botting though all I do is stand afk on it for instances. I had to get them to review logs that have not even looted anything on that character in over a year before they figured out I wasn't botting.
  5. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    I don't know what to say to you. You think standing around 10 minutes getting 320 gp and a dumb box in the mail is max reward, I don't see it that way myself. You think going for the guards is "GP farming" and not part of the siege itself then let me break it down for you. Do you really think we can lose the fort that many times or would it be the people who as you call it "are not siegeing but gp farming" control the fate of the fort because it is in their best interest NOT to take the fort. They run thru, get 5x more gp then you do (thinking ur gettng max reward) and then decide not to help take the fort because they get more gp farming guards on a loss then owning the fort for the next rotation. Trust me, gp farming IS part of the siege and then everyone stands around after siege linking their boxes thinking they are special and beast for getting what basically everybody and their dog got. I guess it depends on which you value more, the gp or the pretty little box with enchantment stone that more then likely will fail anyway. I don't care who owns the fort, I am just pointing out what is going on since you seem totally unaware how siege actually works for the bulk of the players not trying to log in and out on alts getting "max reward"
  6. Add FM portal to north faction base

    Actually flipping the fm entrance with hm kind of makes sense but then again why put bos (crappiest instance of all) right smack in the middle of the map and pvp zone as well. Makes more sense to flip bos with hm.
  7. Seriously, what was wrong with old siege mechanics? Why did guards on outer perimeter of a fort become become more important then diety inside the fort? The current mechanic is about as stupid as you could possibly imagine. Sure I can get a hook, xform and say f my faction as I usually do and go for pve mobs but after a couple of weeks, the whole concept is really starting to annoy me to the point of taking a break. Nobody wants to work with anybody (who can blame them) because it might lower their GP gain. I would rather see old mechanics (dps per class) come back into play then keep the current mechanic. Am I alone?
  8. Compensation for the returning players

    Truer words were never spoken.
  9. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    I bet support just loves you, you basically condone these morons circumventing the broker and now you are telling them to submit tickets for their items getting stolen. We are going to start investigating and banning people for buying cheap stuff off the broker? They shouldn't have to file a ticket on people who just randomly stand AFK at the broker for hours upon a time, it is pretty easy to identify.
  10. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    His response was not lazy, it was accurate and right. You got caught trying to circumvent the broker, got caught and expect compensation? Are you for real? All you have are opinions and speculations.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Getting tired of hearing this. Yesterday you had 764 gp, you currently have 1,093. Last time I did math that was not a gain of 900.
  12. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    terrible idea
  13. Cyan can we get regular updates on critical issues?

    At least we now know what the NC stands for in NCsoft......no communication
  14. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    Couldn't you just call today the end of an early season and just mail out rewards and start fresh again tomorrow and then mail everyone cookiecutter compensation? That seems to me the easiest solution, it is not the greatest but I think everyone is confused on by how much ap and gp they should have by now I would just chalk it up as a loss and start over.
  15. TY for not taking the servers down

    It is Tuesday moron, not the weekend minus the fact servers going down would let you run all the pve all over again.