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  1. Chanter needs a nerf

    What nobody seemed to mention was 3 skills coming up in future update get a HB effect on them, wtf for and yet its considered an upgrade. I rather get 30%-50% damage buff like physical classes right?
  2. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    I have made over 10 bill of the luna kinah bundles and that is not including the amount extracted from me on the broker fee. Its just a simple matter of doing luna dailies on alts and exchanging the kinah via broker. Luna kinah bundles also paid for me to take my crafting from 0 to 300 without farming the mats, simply buy off broker.
  3. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    You don't think everyone will put their ultimate pve weapon on top of of ultimate pvp weapn and then rely on ultimate pve enchants to hit 15?
  4. I could be jumping the gun but after logging in and seeing the morph system it dawns on me that you have totally screwed us. It was bad enough that crafting was dependent on ult kib so lesser factions were already complaining about not being able to craft but now you put morphing enchants on the same damn system so what do you think is going to happen. If we ever thought we had a chance in hell at getting Ano, that disappeared like a fart in the wind this morning. Alternative methods to obtaining ult kib better start being looked into ASAP or you might as well stick a fork in this game.
  5. Please disregard OP and his band of beggars. Asmodians get him and the WB as well because they make a real effort instead of sitting around on their asses and complain about it looking for free handouts instead. My guess, these are probably the same band of losers who stand either in the back of the crowd or at the outpost and complain about Elyos not pushing or getting pushed back to the outpost during sieges. I don't want free handouts, I rather see real effort get made or continue not being able to craft ultimate gear. If you find this offensive then good, quit complaining and start doing something.
  6. Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?

    About the only thing I would agree with losing the ability to trade though I understand why they did it but I don't see an answer. Sure it makes it a little more difficult on bots to move their kinah all to one account but seriously all they have to do is buy and oversale some worthless piece of crap and just lose a listing percentage and mission accomplished. On the other hand normal players try to list it low and its sniped buy an auction bot (usually the same people) so losing the ability hurts the average player more then it accomplishes the purpose of what it was put in the game for. Basically people botting or running a broker script win in either scenario. This part, I would like to see addressed even if it is a compromise of limiting trade to account instead of global trade. I refuse to list my manastones on the broker to get stolen out from under me. Again this could all be fixed if they actually addressed the bot problem, enforced a rule and stuck with it. BAN BAN BAN
  7. Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?

    Maybe they hope all the whiners will just quit and get it over with, I know I do. Just because you have an opinion about a game doesn't make it 99% majority of everyone's opinion. I for on actually enjoy a break and not having to be married to the game 24/7 to keep up. If I want to come home after work and drink myself silly now I don't really lose out on anything. You bought prestige and crying about events but those two things aren't even related to each other. If your going to complain, seriously but a small amount of effort into it instead of just coming up with another crybaby thread, they are getting kind of old. Merry Christmas, I hope you find a new game.
  8. And I have +15 ultimate with legendary stones so your point in invalid as well. Tissues for everyone?
  9. Long Awaited Event

    I doubt we get snowballs at all, they still haven't been updated to give anything new. +7,+8,+9 snowballs last night gave ancient coins and protectorate keys (all outdated items removed from the game).
  10. Question, is hit the same thing as strike? If I normal attack with a 3 stike weapon, is that a return heal of 500 or 1500? (sorry but talking about changes to healing conduit)

    Socketing Acceleration Cheer is pretty much a waste. Ditch it asap and when your running around, just switch your daveonian skills so that Roaring Judgement is your primary skill in that catagory.
  12. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Are chanters not actually reading the changes. The removal of dp from WOW would seem like a good thing but now your assigning 2k dp to a protective ward (currently 1 minute cd if I recall correctly) and a skill that I totally spam nonstop. Seems like a freaking nerf to me and I am pretty unhappy with it minus the fact we aren't buffing magic attack now. I could understand if like instigation buffed magic and WOI buffed physical attack but I am lost on the reason behind some of these changes.
  13. Switching to HP pve set during pvp like wtf? Retuning wings for HB again like wtf? If its the 3rd stat I guess that is fine but you still need crit and acc just like any other physical dps. People clutching to hp sets are still living in the wrong patch, its pointless as you already said your not getting focused and if your getting hit then just simply move, almost every heal is an instacast except for healing burst. Also if your getting hit during the pvp fights, you can probably count on the guy hitting you is ignoring the marks he is suppose to be following so he will either switch or you kite him around long enough your group works thru the marks then eliminates the threat bothering you. Now that I think about it, I guess I could resocket my legendary pvp set with hp/hp and give it a try but I have yet to come across a match where I even need it. I will admit I gave up on the idea before 6.0 when they were denying us new shields and maces but I might have to farm me a new shield and do some testing since cube is maxed out and I am curious about the shield defense.
  14. I am so damn sick of new players, the only thing you guys seem to do well in the game is cry cry cry. I mean some of us have been around forever, spent thousands of dollars and countless hours into this game but wtf, here is my character, take my GP and my xform and any other thing I might have acquired over years of playing. What else can I get you, a blanket and a foot rub? Please give everyone a break from the constant crying because after a few weeks of it, it is starting to get damn annoying, your just going to end up quitting in a few weeks anyway.
  15. I agree to disagree with most of what is in this post. You can be a support chanter but in this patch you don't need, want or probably can afford a support set. There isn't an instance in this patch where a chanter is just sitting back healing a group. Almost everything is a DPS race race you basically just run support in DPS set. Wasting money and slots on HB is really just a joke though it does minimally increase healing you seem to forget what a huge bump in HP everybody got and you couldn't possibly socket enough HB to make up for the lack of DPS you would bring to a group. The cd on Rejuvenating Spell is only 10 seconds and its so good as long as you can dps and throw that skill out to keep a steady stream of heals flowing to the group I would think most anybody would be happy to have you.