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  1. I was really hoping for some kind of update... Sadly... Same ole same ole
  2. So I'm trying to play.... But I don't know what do with all this stuff... Everything is full... we are talking about 350 inventory slots... maybe more.. not including legion storage Gear alone is taking up about 40 slots in my Char inventory... please don't Troll me... I loved this game... never cheated or payed to win... I got good by playing..
  3. looked like it's a video card issue... wold not load my drivers... 8 hours later don't know what i did right... but they loaded. back in game getting 50fps.. it was about 2 Ping still about 90 though. And get a black screen if i stay in high def in town for more than a few min.
  4. so just got my newer PC up and running... Logged into the game... Just clicking on my Pin was 4 second delays... Got into the game... and compleatly unplayable.. 900+ ping most the time ? any ideas ..?
  5. I wonder what game they will playing for the holiday break...lol
  6. Sorry the girl in the vid is a compleat Aion Moron !
  7. dp either one of these guys actually play Aion ?
  8. Do sups work on it.... ? and how good are you @ enchanting ? My luck is about average . and I'm poor... lol.
  9. NO word from you guys on getting the Exp event up and running ?
  10. yeah... not like those collector things do us any good now for the most part... but not even trying to fix them is a breach of a contract ! IMHO.
  11. 552 snow balls 3 +10... NOTHING >>>> worthless event
  12. plz let there be a stay on line event again so you can crash my client every 5 min again... then let me spend 10 min trying to log n again.... only get to total carp from your event yet again.... Might as well play my PS4 AND x BOX 1...
  13. Wow no post since dec 26th... this was awe full... thanks for Nothing NC... !
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