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  1. did you get a fix for it ? happening to me now ?
  2. I Agree and said this yesterday... Sadly it won't matter... Korean legions know... and will end it way before any gets there
  3. IKR and here is the ones who tell us how to use the internet . So I looked... and... not one link to Twitter as an OFFICAL way to get news from AION they have News link... but nowhere on that link do they say fine news here on twiter.
  4. foes will appear in (Elyos) Eltnen and (Asmodian) Morheim at 15:00 and 21:00 each day That it is the time for .... what part of the world...? 1500 is 3 PM.... 2100 is 9 PM .... But what stinking times zone... is it too much to ask ? Or just wait and find out and miss out...
  5. If you ask in game... I get shamed like... ( use Google dude) Or it's on Discord... ( but what Chanel there are 2000000 ) it's on AION ops.. ( so I need a TWITTER account for AION WTF ) you can find the info on the Forums (Umm no you can't) if you are like me I come to play the game... not spend endless hours trying to find out an answer to what should be put on the Actual game sight.
  6. Anyone knows I’m sure someone does... but are the BG times static or random ?
  7. All I got from support is they aware and working on it..
  8. I tried to play this when it came out in Korea... was banned in a day.. for being out side the play area... Korenas are Owning this game... And NCA don't give a flying you know what.
  9. So NC Nerfed the Drops to combat the BOTs... Instead of Banning the Bots..
  10. So bots... can do an entire instance now ? SMH... how why .. it's worng.. and we all know it.. NCA do something
  11. I was really hoping for some kind of update... Sadly... Same ole same ole
  12. So I'm trying to play.... But I don't know what do with all this stuff... Everything is full... we are talking about 350 inventory slots... maybe more.. not including legion storage Gear alone is taking up about 40 slots in my Char inventory... please don't Troll me... I loved this game... never cheated or payed to win... I got good by playing..
  13. looked like it's a video card issue... wold not load my drivers... 8 hours later don't know what i did right... but they loaded. back in game getting 50fps.. it was about 2 Ping still about 90 though. And get a black screen if i stay in high def in town for more than a few min.
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