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  1. It's pretty simple up until level 41 (Haramel 22, Nochsana 30, Fire Temple 37, Kromede until 41) but between 41-55 (beginning of BT runs) what should you be doing? I was told you can do Kromede until 47 then do Adma till 50 and then Dark Poeta until 55? My cousin wants to start playing and I want to power him through until 66 at least when we get 3x exp after this event So I want to mentor him all the way up until BT then just lend him my pure plume/bracelet for BT Edit: I used this as a reference...where are the zones that are mentioned? http://aionloot.wixsite.com/mundiloot/engleveling
  2. For best dps would it be Master Harv with Prov undercombine and cast speed gloves/croll or both Master Harv with atk spd gloves/scroll? The Prov route gives overall more weaving potential which in turns gives more dps but the Master Harv gives more overall stats and 3.6% pve from conditioning. My thought is that if your stats are maxed out anyway (magic classes hard cap- full 9/8s manastones, plume, bracelet socket, and +15s: 6050mb/23khp/1100crit spell- 1900macc if you want FM) it would be better to have the better spell control vs the 3.6 pve%%. I've asked many people this and in LFG but no one cares about PvE in this game enough to theorycraft lol... I'm pretty sure SWs will benefit from Prov route. Sorcs and SMs have a little less twirly motions but still do so and have more low cd spells to weave so yeah. Thoughts?
  3. Need help with gears

    Wait best undercombine? Better than provenances 19% atkspd for mage classes?