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  1. How much does ncsoft pay you? Or are you en employee of ncsoft lol.
  2. Don’t worry I feel for these people also I donate plenty to charitable causes each year, but true in future all my Aion playing money will go into more instead of lining money hunger gaming companies who pretend they want to listen to people who have been supporting them. First reply I got after submitting a ticket was go and post suggestions, what the hell isn’t there enough already.
  3. They don’t give a shit they want to rip everyone off as much money as possible and when the spending stops they force close Aion. All the current events are huge money grabs the end is near. GM Asphen basically indicated his only very too happy to close accounts and offer lol 30 day refunds lol little does he know if anyone wanted they can ask for a charge back dated 4 months. Aion in na is done for so few people log in so many people have left this is the last desperate attempt from ncsoft to squeeze as much money as possible.
  4. Absolutely nothing in return started off with 1 legendary contract and end ended up with 1. That is to me is nothing, zip, zero, Nada. You will find most people who have spent big after 2 such stupid events through the BCM to entice people in getting a Ultimate contract and have gotten nothing will be the downfall of Aion. As can be seen above the big spenders who keep this game going have now all been burnt, do I or these people want to continue and support a stupid game like this? I think not! Once people leave they won't be back, Ncsoft could have offered all these people a Ultimate co
  5. The winds of change weapon drops are so stupid certain weapons such as guns, cannons, tomes, orbs, swords and daggers are common and other such a chromo blasters no one has seen drop in FM are super rare. Except one which I saw dropped in BOS and the player couldn't use as it wasn't for his or her class. Shouldn't the same amount of weapon drop for each class? Why is there biases even in a game? Is it really that hard to make things fair? Drops rates are crap already for weapon drops, that I don't even care about just fix it so every class has an equal chance of getting a weapon.
  6. Well done you just made every ones day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.aiononline.com/news/summer-block-party-2019
  7. Nothing added for prestige holders for current event??????????? Really??????????????
  8. I know NCSOFT needs to make money I have nothing against that, the servers, the staff and investors all need to be paid otherwise there would be no Aion. Due to work I don't even have enough time to do all the instances to make paying for prestige worthwhile, the pve buff is good but not needed and the daily rewards are just junk. I pay because I like this game and would like to have around for sometime more. But don't forget about the loyal people who pay you on a monthly basis your bread and butter. The current event rewards are great but as a prestige holder we get absolute no benefit at al
  9. It's been a bad year for NCSOFT so yeah they are cutting down on presents but hey at least it's something, better than nothing, it most probably is nothing knowing NC when all the balls bust at +3. BUT still Merry Christmas...……...
  10. It's a 5 hour maintenance they will drop an event tomorrow straight after. They just don't want to give us all the details of the rewards just yet as they probably can't handle all the complaining as even they know how crappy it will be.
  11. This is getting old really fast, you can't be telling us the same old crap over and over again. Had friends who came back at the start of 6.2 and as of last week have already left there is no way anyone with half a life can enjoy this game. People in Ultimate compensation gear are gods in this game and the rest are sheep's for slaughter, and at the moment there is no way for the sheep's of even progressing. I am in shitty half gold and half purple gear and killing most people are mostly easy, but I get killed by people in better gear so easily I can't imagine people in lower gear tha
  12. Come on NCSOFT tell us how many stones there are in the bundle, I and most people really don't want to waste 2 weeks running around like headless chooks just for 1 enchantment stone. Tell me I am right that there is at least 100 stones "Lets Make Aion Great Again".
  13. No don't worry it will be at least 100 guaranteed!
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