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  1. It seems that whatever gifts we are offered in events, they don't please the players, or at least some of the vocal players. You can't please all of the people all of the time. I know there are some points in the game where it becomes frustrating - slow to level, hard to improve your equipment, times when you are trying to complete a quest and someone 10 levels or more higher comes and smacks you down in a one-sided PvP, and so on. But really do you want everything handed to you on a plate?
  2. Because the server is online so they can test the updates, but not open to players yet.
  3. Thank you for this guide. I am a returning player - starting a new account and beginning from scratch. Hopefully not going to make the mistakes I did 4 years ago lol. Reading the forum guides before building the character is one lesson I have learned. Dumb I know, but it is too easy to think you know how to play this game because you did well in another game.
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