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  1. I've been having the same issue :c After pressing the "accept" button, my client disconnects. And if, by some miracle, I don't disconnect on the "accept" page, I get disconnected when selecting a server. When I enter PVP instances, I have to mass spam the enter button or else it gets stuck on the shugo screen and I am forced to relog and get shugo screen'd when attempting again... I've restarted router and computer multiple times, checked my windows files and firewall, and attempted countless aion client repairs. At this point, it's a hassle to play the game because I have to enter my account
  2. Yes, it isn't fair for people not to be invited, but when you constantly have a league rolling for (and winning) a weapon that isn't for their class, it rubs some the wrong way and situations like this occur. 1. People don't seem to realize that the bosses won't be taken by one group forever. Eventually they will get tired of it or will no longer need the gear and it will allow others to farm that same boss. The patch just launched. Obviously there will be competition for things. It is extremely idiotic to assume otherwise. 2. Merging into a legion with other players is collaboration
  3. I think my problem with this is that while the people who didn't like the event in the first place just sat here and complained, others still tried on the first day to run instances and see which ones even dropped the event material because information was shared so late in the day. And now, after countless people complain, you make event materials a bit easier to acquire, but what about all the people WHO DIDN'T SIT ON THEIR ASS AND COMPLAIN? You've effectively screwed us, WHO DIDN'T COMPLAIN, over by not resetting the server instance runs because now cry baby forum posters can get event mate
  4. [Event] Ancient Spirit's Headgear Skin [item:188052631] Joyful Festival Costume [item: 110900151]
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