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Should we bring back the Bunnies event for Dark Poeta?


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Are there any word or plan to bring back the Bunnies event for DP? and if not, is it possible for @Rin to make this suggestion to the people in charge of these things? I, and many others, feel like this was a great addition to the game, and it should be a more frequent occurrence, like once every two weeks, or two weeks on two weeks off. Add the DP reset scrolls/entry items to the shop and voilà, free effing money.

As of right now, it still requires way too many runs to actually craft the weapon box, especially if each run takes over an hour (or even two if including the time to form the group and get entry items). Everyone has much less time now to run these PvE instances, due to the addition of arenas and fort instances, we really need to shorten the time it takes to finish DP and to get our Taha weapons.

(sorry in advance if you are not familiar with some of the things I mentioned in the post @Rin, it's about an end game content so you may not have heard of them yet at lvl 30ish, but this issue is quite important to a lot of our players and need the attention sooner than later)

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