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Call me spoiled but running any PvE instance now feels terrible


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with everyone already or almost finishing their end game gears, people are mostly running instances now to make some kinah or to gear up their alts or completing what's missing, and it really feels demotivating to be back to clearing these instances for almost an hour to get to the boss, after being able to rush them the past few weeks.

most of the people I talked to has expressed the same opinion, the Dungeon Delve event should be a permanent thing, or at least be up during the day for hours that we don't have Dredgion and Tiak to do. From my observation, there was a decent amount of people playing the game again for the PVE event, and now that it's gone, the game feels empty again, and the double AP weekends don't really help that much.

@Rinwe need the PVE event back to bring back more players to the game before news of 2.0, please give word to whoever is responsible for these events. Much appreciated of the work you've done.

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