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Looting Siel Aura (IDEA)


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I have a simple and fun idea.

Let's collect Siel Auro from creatures and quests. However, we cannot use these Siel Auros we have collected. So what shall we do? Let's sell these Siel Auros we collect as a NcSoft seller in exchange for diamonds bought with real money in-game. Let NcSoft give us Siel Auro for this sale. For example, when I sell a 3-day Siel Auro, it will give 1 to 3 days Siel Auro by rolling dice. Reduce the drop rate in rolling dice if the duration of Siel Auro is long.

πŸ‘ Drop "Siel Auro For Sale" from ordinary creatures for 1-60sec.
πŸ¦‡ Drop "Siel Auro For Sale" from monsters that are bosses between 1-60 minutes.
⚑ Let's earn from missions.
(πŸ“The above are just examples to give an idea. Siel Auro may drop longer depending on the creature and boss type.)
βš– And let's sell the accumulated Siel Auros on the market.

🀝 If we sell a siel auro for 3 days, we'll be lucky to earn a siel auro between 1-3 days.
🀝 If we sell a 10-day siel auro, we'll be lucky to earn a siel auro between 3.3-10 days.

🏑If a person has siel auro by purchasing them, let's reduce that person's chance to collect siel auros to 61%. If Siel Auro has been earned by selling Siel Auros, let's not change the chances of collecting Siel Auros.

πŸ‘Š A person should not buy their own collected Siel Auros. Definitely sell it to someone. And people can gift each other diamonds to buy Siel Auros.

😎 Thus, free players will have turned into a NcSoft reseller. According to the sales success, you will have the chance to play the game like paid players without paying any money.

Shall we play Aion Classic like this?

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  1. Someone reading this idea told me it was childish. I'll write down the features he can't see.
    • Whatever NCSOFT earns from this business today, it will earn at least as much. (I think you will win more)
    • As long as Siel Aura is purchased in Aion Classic, free players will be able to earn Siel Aura and stay in the game.
    • With the sale of Siel Aura, the free player who earns a Siel Aura of at least 30% and at most 100% will always be left behind, more or less.
    • If Siel Aura sales are cut, the free-to-play paths will be blocked. He will have to be content with the 1 hour Siel Aura gift per day.
    • Friendship bonds will be established as Siel Aura sales take place between players.
    • Siel Aura durations to be distributed from fortresses captured in fortress wars will be higher. In this way, it will be more exciting to capture and hold the castle.
    • Killing bosses in dungeons will again grant beautiful Siel Aura durations. There will be sides that will strengthen the gameplay together. For example, if the person who finishes the dungeon alone is entitled to sell 1 hour of Siel Aura, those who complete the dungeon with 4 people will be entitled to sell 2 hours of Siel Aura.
    • Looted Siel Auras cannot be used by looters for themselves. Therefore, their chances of collecting Siel Auras will not decrease while the usable Siel Aura gifts they earn with the Siel Auras they sell are active. However, when purchasing players use Siel Aura, their chance to collect Siel Aura will be reduced to 61%. This way, free players will be able to continue as more Siel Aura vendors in the market.
    • NCSOFT will set the range for what price free players will sell Siel Aura in the Market. Paid players will be offered more flexible settings.
    • Maybe NCSOFT would like to give diamonds to the sellers for the sale of Siel Aura.


Don't mix it up and don't forget!
You cannot use the Siel Auras you collect from the right and left. Must be sold for real money! Thus, with a 30% - 100% chance from this sale, you will receive a free Siel Aura and use it for yourself.

Any better idea?

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