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Change to the Appearance modification system


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Hi everyone, i am an AT player and i came back to the game few days ago of almost 6 years of not playing, so, to that time i got a AT skin that i really like, similar of Dainatum (Rune Shield Tower) Cipher-Blade skin but white, if I'm not wrong, the name is or was (Kalis Cipher-Blade), i put that skin on a Archdaeva Cipher-Blade.


Now that i came back to the game, knew that noe those skins are not longer possible to drop or craft and my Archdaeva Cipher-Blade which have the Skin doesn't allow me to put it on a new weapon.


My suggestion is to change the appearance system, i have two ideas and i think that maybe one of them would help me to use the skin that i want again.


1. In the Modification window for an item, it would be good to put a new option that allow you to remove the appearance but in this case giving you back the appearance item, so if you use it you would get back 2 items, the one with the skin you want and the other, the item you want to change the appearance.


2. I don't now if this happen to every item with a skin on it or only with archdaeva items, but it would be good to remove this limit making posible to change the appearance of an item using an item that already have an item on it (obviously losing the second item)


3. Maybe a third option would me to create a new item which you can pass an skin that you already have on a weapon that you will not use anymore so with this item you can modify the appearance of the weapon you want to have the skin.


I will add some pictures of the skin i said i want but is no longer possible to drop, and the original Dainatum weapon 


And, if maybe someone knows a way or if i can reuse the skin, let me know




This is the skin i have on Archdaeva Cipher-Blade but i want in another weapon 



This is the original Dainatum (Rune Shield Tower) Cipher-Blade skin


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