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Looking for Hispanic legion on Siel (Elyos)


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Hello everyone, I'm Hydek.

Just came back to Aion, I played 8 years ago and I wanted to remember my adventures on this game and I'm looking for a hispanic Legion to have fun and complete some dungeons, is not necessary to speak spanish but would be a good point.


Hope we meet on the game ^^


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On 1/8/2023 at 11:58 PM, 1s29BEE3 said:

HELLO HYDEK, IM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO CHAT AND Play with too, are you still free and in the modd? i speak spanish too btw ahah! let me know and send me your dsicord maybe? 


cheerss ❤️

Holaaaa sigues jugando? acabo de regresar al juego y he visto tu mensaje


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