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Gelkmaros safe zones?


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Hello all,

I wonder if there is some safe zones in Gelkmaros (or Inggison) where we're not supposed to encounter opponent faction characters?

I was in Krug Bassin, just watching TV waiting for my flight time to recover so not really prepared for a fight :D

Is it considered as a bug exploit or something that would lead to sanctions? I did have time to do a screenshot (nothing much to do under silence godstone :) )

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Lets get technical Dorito..you left out Brusthonin and Theobomos. I'd love to pvp in the Marla Cave! 

However, the OP concern is that the 1st zones of Gelk and Igg are supposed to be nearly impossible to enter so that level 51-53s can quest around and not get rolled by an overgeared 55. Thats why theres literally a huge door at those gates to the 1st zone, but no door at the gates from zones 2-3. You're tecnically NOT supposed to be able to get into the 1st zone of the opposite faction. Good on him for finding a way.- but yea thats shitty you're aethertapping and get killed. 

Now lets see if we can find that way into Iggison's 1st zone. ^^ 

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