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ok, i play on a brand new built custom p.c, best of the best i could buy when building, that being said i purchased windows 11, and returned to playing aion, i have found out the hard way that windows 11 is not supported, the game will not stop crashing, just at random times, could be once a day, could be 57 times in 3 hours. that being said, i opened a ticket, support said that they do not compensate for missed xp, or loss of loot if crashed in a dungeon, they say because the game does not say it supports the newest version of windows (11) they do not have to compensate for even lost ideas in my inventory, they said i can ether deal with the issues i have, or downgrade my windows version, and hope it works because my p.c is just to overpowered for them game. all that being said. i do not agree with support. if i play there game and all i have is issues then they should offer even just xp crystals for loss of xp, and i do believe all of that was a loud off b.s, windows is windows, i have never had a problem running any older game on any newer version of windows, so i believe they should not be telling people to downgrade, but be telling people that they are working on the issues at hand and making it so you can simply be appreciated as a player and not be disrespected for having the newest and best of the best. and don't get me started on how unfair aspa is to new or returning players. a map that you need to grind out to get the next set of armor, that a toon can not even solo and cant get the help to do because there is no one there to help... like come on guys, 8 to 9 min to kill a standard mob there but u got to kill the map for the campaign the map needs fixed. yeah don't make it to easy, but also don't make it a map you need a hole team to cover the regular quest,.... anyways that's my thoughts thanks for reading it all

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I have no problem with AION (retail eu or classic) with Windows 11.

I have some good hardware as well and AION didn't need it at all so CPU and GPU runs on a lower level (by default).
You should look into windows event logs and watch for error codes why the game crashes.
Also look into your device manager, update bios and drivers from your mainboard manufacture website.

I see it now .. you posted it in june, maybe your pc was to hot because of bad airflow in your computer-case?

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