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Game is lacking in everything.


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Dear Devs.gms and anyone at ncwest.

Firstly leveling ,yes its great campaigns experience has been increased.How though do you expect players to complete them when you can spam lfg for hours and not find people to complete things like indratu,fom3, and brigadier and high levels dont help out often.

Sub cost so we pay you 15 dollars to have a functioning game whereby items for classes are available and your solution is too charge players for their stigmas like what the hell????

Droprates again months and your still ignoring the ever dwindling playerbase left by refusing too adjust it for the NA population.Manastones,godstones all are ridiculously priced and lacking in supply.

You are never going too attract any new or even return players when they hit a wall with leveling because they cant even complete quests,or pay for their skills and stigmas are so overpriced even still that new players cant afford them.

I just cannot wrap my head around how this region is run,after tanking original aion with poor choices surely its not hard for the people in charge to see it clearly doesnt work in this region,

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