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8.3 broke the game.


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ok, there was no need to change cubic lab, 6 entrees per toon was right, and all normal mode instances need changed back there is no need to frustrate people so much. the game will die because you have to pay to play, if you're not rich or have not played for at least the last 6 years the is no point to play now because you can never catch up or even come close to the people that play, and when you post videos on YouTube of your own game and admit your using cheats to show how things work is complete bull. there should not be any cheats regardless of if your helped produce this game. i came back after a 4 year brake, to a worse broken-down game. and giving new players an advance to level 80, but not give people on here and advance in and way is for the birds. add new bosses, add fun and excitement, and stop promoting people to pay to play, if they want to buy, they will, but people who don't should not be put at a disadvantage because they don't have the money

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