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Extending the double xp event


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Hey NCsoft,

First of all, thank you for providing Aion classic. Secondly, I'm a veteran player, having played under you subscription from 2009 till 2011. I just started on Aion classic for the love of the game and the big nostalgia factor. A big factor in making me play and keep playing is the huge exp boost from the current event. Progressing never felt so fast, rewarding and yet challenging due to out-leveling gear and being under-geared. I have to be intuitive and nifty to be able to go through the group content and difficult campaign quests. I was wondering if you could make the exp event permanent (at least the xp part) or extent it for a while, so returning players can catch up a bit. Unfortunately I'm going on holidays for the rest of the month but it would be great to come back and still enjoy the event as I see all the others do. 
If you are not up for it, I wouldn't mind to buy it as a subscription(for a reasonable price), having my exp doubled is what truly keeps me playing. Since I do not even remotely have the time I had when I was in high school...

Kind regards, 

An Aion nostalgia player.

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I second this. This is good for returning players and new players. As of now, it is very difficult to find groups for leveling campaign quests. So the extra help of XP boost is certainly well appreciated and will probably keep some of the returning players and new players to stick around instead of rage quitting :)

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