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update 2.2/2.4?


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2.2 Update:
- Opening of Esoterrace;
- It was made faster to level from 1-50. More EXP on campaigns on the levels 30-40;
- Steel Rake becomes a solo dungeon and you can get the full set + weapon in 4 runs through quests;
- They added something to Dark Poeta that makes it faster to get enough points for S rank (much faster runs, no need to kill all bosses);
- Lower Abyss fortress are excluded from the faction ratio calculation.

2.4 Update:
- New Dungeon: Rudra Stormwing (?). A boss-only dungeon to kill Rudra Stormwing to get improved PVE weapons. It's very hard and balanced for top-end PVE geared players;
- Arena ranking;
- Divine fortress instance Dungeon for the faction that owns Divine (12 men instance);
- Making it easier to finish campaigns. Some group campaigns will become solo ones, or made much easier to finish;
- Class balance.

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