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Bring back personal store


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i say get rid of wraps, and bring back personal stores, or make more ways to get wraps, if some one is willing to go out and grind gear to sell it should be just as easy to sell that gear, eather way, so fire spirt gear is suppose to be the best right now, so make is so its the best, paragon is a joke, like a slap in the face, spend hundreds of dollars and not even a +8 lmao, yorn is another big issue, people on here with 25 atempts and not even a T3 to show for it. i get the mode is retail based, and its pay to win. but what about the little guys who are here for freinds and fun... they dont havt the money.... think smarter, charge less and people will buy more and the littel people will start to buy.. it should not coast $250 for a SS minion. it should be around $100, so people would buy more and smaller players would start to buy. this game could be so much more, it used to be so much more, I am only one player, but if you took the time to read all that then leave a commet so the producers can make the change to bring more people back to a game that could be great agian.... p.s thanks for reading

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