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Why are some skins not tradeable?


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[Event] Turbulent Times Outfit


[Event] Fierce Midnight Tiger Outfit
[Event] Fierce Midnight Tiger Hairpin


[Event] Tracksuit Uniform


Purra Cat Weapon Selection Box (I know that the weapons are tradeable, but why not the box?)
[Event] Bedazzled Skull Mask
[Event] Fancy Skull Mask

Make them all tradeable...

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1 hour ago, Cookie said:

As to the "why" of it, no idea other than the greed of wanting you to have to buy the tradeable ones if you want to share/sell/etc. However, typically, anything that says [Event] is untradeable, just for future reference. 

Oh yes, I realize that. But those are not "events". They are permanent additions to the shop...

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