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WIN 11 DC Issue


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Hello GMs,

The game has been unplayable for me since the release of 2.4 due to the constant DC... and by constant, I mean 2 times an hour. This issue applies to everyone with Windows 11. 

I would randomly DC just running around pvping once or twice an hour. There have been instances where my game would simply crash, or freeze up to the point where it does not even appear in task manager.

While doing arenas, I constantly DC when I press "enter". Same thing goes when I do Tiak or Dredge (probably due to cross server issue).

I am not using ping reducers, and I have switched to WIN 8 compatibility mode to fix the issue, but same thing applies no matter what.

@EMpulse Will you please report the issue to the higher ups? I doubt that they will do anything, but the game has truly become unplayable. 

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