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Update 8.4 Report Bugs


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I’m a former player from the EU servers. Before the new update’s release, we used to have a topic on the forum to report bugs related to the new update. I’m not seeing this type of subject anymore, so I allowed myself to create it. This is not a post to judge the new update, but rather to report bugs. Please respect the nature of the subject.

Fortresses Sieges

  • The Divine Fortress is Asmodian. The Asmodians defended the fortress and they succeeded in the defence. However, no one got GP nor mail with AP and enchantment stones.
  • For the Silona and Pradeth Fortresses, the portals disappeared at 22:30. Players who were in the Crimson Danaria area were teleported to Crimson Katalam when the portals disappeared.

I invite other players who wanted to report bugs to do so following this message.

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