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Twisted DC Cave Event is an embarrassment


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It takes longer to complete and requires adjustment to the fight you know from the past, but its not hard. An increase in effort  for loot that is inferior (except the spear of course).

The manastones and balic mats consisted white stones for MP, & HP and balic meat lol for our run. 

What. A Joke. 


You could finish regular DC twice with better loot in the time it takes to finish this crappy event.  

There is so many ways in which this could have been done, but as usual NCWest fails to impress. 

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100% agree on this. An absolute embarrassment of an event. 

I feel like any time NCSoft releases anything, there is always a lower cased but   any time there is a new event. Quite literally, the events that we have seen, you oversell and HARDCORE and underdeliver. 

Other drops: Balic Materials (100% drop rate) - 1 random balic drop per run. Which is nothing. 

In comparison, you need 42 Firm Balaur Horns (which are none existent), 6 Curse of Wrath (don't get me started on this one), and I believe 23 Firm Balaur Skins for 1 attempt of a weapon.

For the love of god, stop overselling things and hyping everything up when you know you won't deliver what you promise. 

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