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new players, some help based on my experience :P


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Hi hi.

I recently started in the game with a new account, and noticed some interesting things that could help.

- Lvl is a trip, which can end really fast, try to rush to lvl 51, most of the campaign quests can be done alone becouse the hard mobs are not elite anymore in some maps, that will make you able to get to lvl 55 quickly, there are just a couple of quests that need help.

- Right after lvl 51, you will be able to run a lot of content to work on gear and skills, UT, LUT will give you money, thats enaugh to get skills and arena tickets, also, even when Steel Rake (Solo dungeon) is opened since lvl 40, i was unable to kill any boss at that moment, so lvling a bit more will help to be able to do the instance, you can rush it doing all the quests, and it will help you to get the first fabled gear, a decent set with high hp, and selection weapon boxes, it can also help with money.

- Some other places t low lvl that can help with money are notchsana training camp at lvl 25 and kromede's trial at lvl 37.

- when the money is enaugh, get the arena tickets daily, at least the chaos arena ticket, take the quest of the 3 kills in the arena, and look for those afk players, just 3 kills should be possible, after that you will get 2 more tickets if you complete the quest, it can be discipline afk to make it way faster, and that will assure you a decent lvl 55 gear, way better in defence but a bit lower in hp than Steel Rake gear, but good enugh, even weapons have amazing accuracy, magic accuracy stats for higher lvl content.

- keep doing quests and the dungeons you can until you reach lvl 55.

- As soon as you can use the lvl 55 tac gears, if you have the money, go get some white manastones, i would say the priority is to get 2300 accuracy on physicals and 1400 magic accuracy for magicals, thats first becouse you dont want to fail your skills in the dungeons, that will make so bad your damage, so lets prevent that, after that base, lets work on a bit more damage, critical hit for physicals, 450 critical with food and scroll would be cool to start (120 from critical scroll and 60 from food), after that, just socket attack +3, thats the basic setup for physicals and for magicals after the magical accuracy mentioned, put all the magic boost you can, still white stones, its fine to start.

- with the arenas and dredgion you guys will be able to get some AP, which is going to be necesary to get your skills, i'd recommend to work on pve stigmas first, full tree.

- with all that your characters should be ready to do way more, barracks for AP, dailies at the gelkmaros and inggison fortresses for medals, and pve for better basic gears or money.

- And finally, in my particular case, i got totally bored of the pvp we have, but thats a personal issue :P, there is still a lot of alive pvp, specially on pvp dungs, dred, tiak, but taking my interests into an account, i decided to focus way more on pve, and as it has been impossible for me to join beshmundir temple hard mode teams, i decided to start running normal mode teams, there are no requeriments for that, just try to have SR or better gears and it should be doable, the place can drop fabled lvl 55 items which can be used as gear (Its better than tac and really good to start running BT hard mode later), or can be destroyed and with luck, it will give enchants over lvl 80, also, the place drops elder gears and could work as a training for the hard mode, as it has the same mechanics, just a bit nerfed lets say.

thats all for now, i hope this helps new players so we can have a more active server, have fun :D.

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