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another Aion Classic suggestion(s) thread.


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I have some suggestions..

I end up soloing a lot since not many people playing anymore...

and I find it difficult to solo as a cleric.. and the mobs re-spawn to quickly..

boxing me in and making it hard to move around..

is there any adjustments the developers could make to the game to make soloing a tad bit easier...

Mana does not regen fast enough and I find myself running out way to often to my determent .


I will use this thread to post any and all of my future suggestions..


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and mob density is in some areas too much to solo.. I end up dying to often...

Krall areas west of Veteron citadel for example..

finding a party is idk.. hard...

and the cost of expanding the CUBE storage system is painful to say the least...

I cannot afford 150k Kinah to expand to cube 3 so I run out of storage so often... :(

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On 11/30/2022 at 8:29 AM, Carensell said:

I solo a lot also and know your pain. I try to stay on the outside edge of the herd to keep from being mobbed. If you need you can call upon me for assistance. In game, Carensell, Obsidiantower, Sywyn. Be happy to assist.

ooh hey.. thx for the feedback...

I am back to playing World of Warcraft retail for Dragon Flight for now...

I still have AION_CLASSIC installed though..

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