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seriously we have to pay for unlock game cont more then 2 hrs daily and when u guys nyerk up again and again with the forts u block us from half the end game content and we do not get any compensation for this? people are still farming for 55e set so they need theire medals and with this repeativly reset on forts they cant do it and its making more and more players leave game due to not be able to play the content they want.

server is allready seriously messed up due to the stupid amount of bots and everyone seem to be fine with 70% or even more of the players using scripts cheats. Xformers that log in and out in PVP. when are we going to see some propper action from NCSOFT to actually do something about all this bullshit thats going on.

the population so low its hard to get groups for BT HM and the crafting is unreal pathetic exspensive due to materials being overpriced A LOT only because the bots farming them are player owned and they dont sell all the mats so they keep increase the amount of kinah on server making the prices retarded. the only reason this is a problem to start with is players being so damn lazy they dont manually farm for mats like it was intended but thats also atm pretty much not possible due to the low drop rates AGAIN NCSOFT that screwed that.

why is NCsoft doing NOTHING about all the damn problems on the server? i know its the community thats to blame for bots but as long no bans for it then ofcourse players going to be botting. 

either just public state that u guys give no nyerk about the game anymore or start take some action towards this so we can get people back and actually keep the few new players that want to play, atm no new player will stay for more then few hrs due to not being able to pay for anything with the stupid economy on server. its potential new paying customers for NCSOFT but as nothing is done to stop the issues , its making thoose players quit game before even get lvl 50.

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