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New players - My (Caveman) way to make money :P


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hi hi.

Well, this is simple, im a weird player xD, i only want to hit things and i get bored just standing so, when i wait for a group to get full, or for a dredgion, tiak, arena, i come to a special place to kill all the enemies, and thanks to that i was able to survive, money for pots, money for scrolls and food, money for kisks, arenas, and all i have been in need of for now.

there are some mobs in subterranea, human like mobs, and each of them drops money, i'd say its around 6 - 7 k to 10 - 12 k, and the mobs are not elite, i also have a video showing it, and well, i hope all the other (caveman) players like me can use this, and helps them too :P

have fun :D



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