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rework class sorcerer


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Good afternoon!!

ncsoft and gms team,

My reason for sending a simple tcket is not to improve anything on my account because everything is fine the real reason is that I would like to know when there will be a rework in the sorcerer class, with the new improvements collections, extreme weapons this class is impossible to play in pvp mode because any physical class with little thing finishes the sorcerer despite being a magic class and having little defense with the new improvements in the game 2 hit the sorcerer dies, it practically became a pv class its reset times of skil are very long with this it is impossible to practice a pvp, when they are carrying out the tests putting a part of the set and a weapon on a gladiator already finalizes the sorcerer and look that my account is old needing only a few apostles to close the collections, a tip for the next updates. the sorcerer only kills mobs has no damage but to finish classes already the opposite ranger and gladiator 2 hit finishes the sorcerer
in fact all classes need rework, if there is a meta the sorcerer is only in the meta of pve hero, there will come a time when there will only be physical class players in the game, and those who play magician will increasingly stop playing .

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