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cant pass the food craft misson (23 tried same food )


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The Cooking Expert/Master craft tests have always been arguably the hardest out of all of the crafts. I have had a recipe fail to proc over 50 times before, and that is unfortunately not an exaggeration. It's a matter of luck with the Cooking tests as they are the only ones that require you to actually get a proc on the crafts. It helps to prepare at least 10 attempts at each dish beforehand, and craft all 10 back to back. I usually had more success when doing it this way, instead of doing one attempt at a time and stopping to gather more materials before doing another attempt. I wish you luck!~ Cooking is one of the best crafts to have at Master.~ So stick with it and eventually you will see the procs you need to pass the test. :3 It'll be worth it once you finally pass the tests.~

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