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Suggestion about siel's aura


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I'm a new a player but have played this game before, the very first it was launched. I just realized why I can't even get any gears dropped from almost anywhere in the game. I think restricting to get good gears is too much which leads for players to leave this game totally. I would suggest from total restriction to make the drop rate lower for free players so we can still get gears while enjoying the game but not too low to the point it's pointless to hunt like it's almost the same as with restrictions. Also, you can lower the acquisition for abyss points like half. There is no point staying and playing the game if almost everything, you can't do at all. Remove the time limit and restrictions for everything and just make all half acquisition. Even the subscribed players will leave for sure. You should know that your top priority should be to have more active players in your game and not just to make money out of few people. Sooner or later even the subscribed players will leave, and the game will eventually die and no more money for you for sure. It would be hard to start getting new players if that happens. What you can do to get money is to sell the costumes and stuff like what you are doing now, and also you can make like an item to boost them to level up faster or get more ap when defeating enemies but with time limit prevent p2w. Games with P2w ends up dead just like any other game out there.

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