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Executioner class feedback+where do we go from 2.7?


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After playing Aion since 2012 during the launch of 3.0, and playing every patch, I realize these forums are not like they once were, just like the game state. Before I talk about my thoughts on the new class, can anyone correct me on the road map? I believe I read NCsoft say that 2.9 would be the last patch released for classic Aion. Is this correct? I'm wondering if they will shut this region down a few months after, or just keep classic 2.9 up for a few years? 

So the executioner. I can't remember how all the classes played during 3.0 since it's been so long opposed to how they are now in the retail patch. Every class had several defensive skills and abilities they could use. Just about all of them had a blink/teleport skill at this point, and one or two heal skills and the executioner has NONE of that. This class is very weak, especially if it gets jumped and has no stored energy saved. Imagine a assassin from hide, or an ranger.  Maybe the class needs a reveal advanced hide skill just like the gunslinger has or had.  (basic hide)

Again, I'm unsure if classic classes had that defense, heal skills like they do now? Does anyone know? I can't remember it's been so long and I rather not make each class just to replay them just to see. Does your class have blinks/teleports, escapes or increase armor, or good cc? I've played every class and probably had multiple characters of every class, but now of course they are way different than classic, or were they like that? 

I mean I haven't dueled anyone yet, or pvped yet, just leveling, I guess it's fine if all the other classes are lacking their defensive skills/escapes from current retail patch, then it's not a big deal.   

It seems the executioner is kinda weak, with little to no CC other than the Aetherhold. It's very dependant on it's parry skills (the knockback one) to do it's highest burst. I believe it has a small knock back on one of the chain skills, but it's really lackluster compared to the parry knockback one.  

I want to like the class, but Vandal, Gunner are still my favorites (I'm also a old cleric main from 3.0).    

I'm gonna be flamed for this, but NCsoft might as well just throw all the other classes into classic honestly. I'm gonna assume there's a possibility they will introduce the executioner class to their retail/last current patch from classic in the near future? If so, then I can imagine the class getting the skills it really needs.

Also, one other thing about the class, is there is a heal stigma, and it's a complete joke... I believe it gives back 30 HP......


What are your guys thoughts on where you believe this game will go from 2.7? Or is it the end of days and maybe only a year left before we all go find another game?


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