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Newbie as such

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Hi I played Aion years ago but because of some of my health issues effect my memory  I have to learn things again a year later which is very frustrating. Just a few questions I should know but don't. 

1st ... Stigma shard accumulated ... please what does this mean ??

2nd ... What is the purpose of the Crowns you get and whats best to do with them ???

3rd... What are the login event things and what should I do with them also ???

4th I have bought 30 day Siels Aura . Does this replace the things we needed before ( not sure their name but needed them for Trader Broker if i remember right) 

Thanks all for your time .

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They should have a thread for this either called " Welcome to Newbie Corner" or " Now for another stupid question" for which I ask this

5th.. I know this question has a 100 answers but just want to know your favourite crafting and why.   I am a Executor so no standard class answer. I started weaponship craft but not sure if that is a good one for me as my Chainsword is one of my better equipment compared to armour. 

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