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Minion combine says 80A% and failed 6x in a row on one toon then 4 on another


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SO WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE RNG IS DOING IF I CAN DO A 80% combine and fail 6x in a row and not just on one toon its been on several....how is that 80%  And im not the only one talked to several people and they say well thats NC for ya and they just accept it. well i dont accept it, only way to get things done is be the squeaky wheel .. please give your thought so this can be resolved as taking  6 to 8 weeks to buy  4 with prestige coin then failing and starting over is not acceptable...when it says  80% success rate .... ahhhh ya right....

my brother in law writes books on threat modeling and knows alot of techs that can check this, problem is i have to come up with alot of supplys to test this so its accurate but the fact is its not computing at 6 fails in a row at 80%  iv payed a hefty sum to play this game and want a fair shake period.


lets hear what the community has to say about this......



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