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Gelkmaros/Inggison outpost BIND points/Agent battles

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The devs should place an obelisk location near the ingisson outpost like they have for asmos in gelk. It is so unfair that they can literally rez right outside of the agent arena but if elyos kisk die we literally have to run from undirborg (almost half map away closest bind point ) back to our outpost . This is also true for the new daily camps. Asmos have windstreams that fly over most of their camps and they also have obelisk bind points by their camps. In pvp this puts elyos at a disadvantage as killed asmodians rejoin the fight way quicker than elyos who have to run half a map to get back to the fighting.

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16 hours ago, Lychee said:

Elyos get to DPS their deity with the safety of their guards and Eso base much closer though. The Asmos have to be out pretty far from theirs.

This is pretty much a no factor . There are only two guards or so in that hallway and we still have to come outside to dps the agent . If full asmo force pushes our faction would still die . You can’t kisk inside eso so we still have to run half the map away if our kisk are killed . The benefit of not even having to kisk but  bind to an obelisk  and just run across a bridge and be right back in the fight trumps having two guards inside eso and provides big advantage. Also long range classes will still have to step outside  from Aggro range of those guards to dps agent . It isn’t like divine where sorcs can cast inside the room without leaving it . 

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The sheer delusion of an elyos to make such a stupid post.

Have you seen your elyos bind positions in relation to your forts? Your south bind spot is what... 200m away and takes 20-30s to run to... making it nearly impossible for asmos to capture if you're defending. Your north is a bit further away but still way closer compared to Asmos north bind spot to our fort. Not to mention the fact that the bind spot for asmo's south fort is miles and miles away.


In reference to the arti's, you have 1 where a windstream takes you to within like 400m of the arti. The same with asmos, we have only 1 accessible via windstream, if you think there are more, you're delusional.

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