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Elite Primus Pilus equipment box

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Hello, the new NPC change mark (touch red) + saphire for a box of armor elite primus pilus.

What is this set and how do you buy something that you can't see its stats?

I am missing a piece of the yellow Elite guardian primus pilus lvl 55 set (the one with extras as it has 5 pieces), is this elite primus pilus box similar to this set or is it the same and can they be combined for the benefits of the complete set?

so mine is elite guardian primus pilus and that new one is elite primus pilus, what is the difference or is it the same set when opening the box?

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The npc offers the same gold 55E set as you see from the regular ap Vendor . The only difference is you pay less in ap by exchanging marks . With the mark vendor you pay around 1.3 mil ap for full set vs 3mil+ ap using regular vendor alone . 

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