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Housing things


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Hello! :)

I just wanted to suggest/say this since it has bothered me for awhile,

Housing should probably get an update one day x.x like permanent extra space tickets or just more space... run out easy and still not happy with how house turns out since can't put all you want.. just more interesting stuff.. more houses since the villages filled very fast also and still many homeless xD

but I really love the housing feature of this game and would love to see more stuff and being able to decorate more

it's one of my favorite things :)

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add more housing in other areas like add more in Inggison - Gelkmaros since nothing really happens in them anymore or housing in some of the lower areas beside the areas they have it in like add housing pandaemonium and sanctum or even have housing for legions just u can't have 2 houses in that case and be nice if u say bought a house u could upgrade it to a mansion and so on for x amount of kinah and maybe a few quest like when u first get housing and then pay the whatever the up keep/rent fee is every month

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