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Restoration tokens and deleting the WRONG item.


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I  mistakenly purchased an Superb Essencetapping Hat when I wanted to purchase a Superb Aethertapping Hat.   I opened a support ticket and was told that the item could be refunded using 1 of my 3 restoration tickets.  Unfortunately, the support team got the two confused, even though in my response I clearly stated that I NEEDED the Aethertapping hat but didn't need the Essencetapping hat...

Well guess what,  1) They refunded the 1,709,062 kinah; but 2) they took the Superb Aethertapping Hat.  Here is my exact response to the NCSOFT Support Team BEFORE the refund was issued:

"Please use my first restoration token to refund the Superb Essencetapping Hat for 1,709,062 kinah. Again it is the ESSENCETAPPING HAT that was purchased in error. She uses the Aethertapping hat.
Again Please refund and remove the Superb Essencetapping Hat for 1,709,062 kinah."

I thought I was pretty clear.  Guess it looses something in the tranlation.  My ticket is still open and here is my latest response:

"Thank you; HOWEV ER, you took the WRONG HAT. The ESSENCETAPPING HAT is the one that was the mistake NOT the AETHERTAPPING HAT. I need the AETHERTAPPING HAT. Please return the AETHERTAPPING HAT and take the ESSENCETAPPING HAT. (Without using another restoration token)."


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