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Level 3 and I have a quest I cant take item...

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Clicked on the fruit baskets and says take all. I click take all and it says im unable so i contacted support and they told me that they want there players to explore so they can not help me. I think its a bug but I guess they dont want to fix it. I have googled and did all kinds of things trying to get help with this issue. So figure I would ask here and see if anyone else is having this issue when doing a quest and can not take all the quest item after clicking on it. So hope this gets figured out or i will have to stop playing. this is why i dont spend real money on games right away cause of issues like this. :-(. i did take a screen shot if that helps. not sure how to post it though . This is what support told me Due to characteristics of MMORPG game, we are not able to provide details since it is intended for players to explore our game. (So i take it they dont want to fix bugs or anything -_-) . So avoid any quests that tells u to click on item and take all cause it wont work it says unable , Thats pretty much how my game is going to go unless this does not get fixed and I will have to quit the game sadly :(. 

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