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About to give up playing due to payment issues. Is this normal?


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I'm a returning player, I played a lot of Aion back in the day when it was released and to this day it was my best experience in a MMORPG. I've been looking forward to relive this game and try Classic but I just can't buy the Siel's Aura Membership.

I tried to buy the 3 days acess earlier today, like 6 hours ago, but it was sent to review just to get rejected a few minutes ago. I tried again now, and it was sent to review once more. I guess I won't be play this sunday night...

Besides that, I got disconnected two or three times due to some IP error issue.

I couldn't even start playing for real (only managed to get to Sanctum) and I'm already having problems. I was really excited to play but now I'm almost giving up.

Has anyone else gone through this? Is this normal? Support takes forever to answer.


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12 hours ago, Chronobrrj-DN said:

Wow... I´m sorry, man...

Thanks... I tried a third time and also got rejected.

Support replied only to say that my purchase was denied (obvious) and to try again in the future.

I'll just play 2h/day for now 🙄

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I find the new system  of "Pay-to-Play" to be a little ridiculous. I am one of the original Aion NA Release players. I paid for my copy, I have the original metal dual disk cover, and game guide. So paying additional fees just to get regular content is just a bit much. I love this game, and wish I could do more to bring new players to the world, but how is this supposed to be inviting? I get business. You have to make money. But the best thing about this game was that it wasn't WOW or FF. Sell kinah, get rid of the bots selling kinah, make the money that way. Open the game back up, re-release it as a fully free to play game, rebrand it and let's get it in...

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