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Paying to Play is Destroying the Game

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Aion is One of the Best MMORPG's ever created, it has the best character creator, a dynamic story, great combat, days of gameplay, and so much room to grow that makes it's potential perfect. I purchased my copy in 2009, and played it through updates, loss of characters, server creations, server mergers, years of of time and effort. I played it during the reign of WOW, and FFXIV, which I also played heavily. Nothing was near the potential of Aion. NCSoft's focus though was on Guild Wars and Lineage, and it showed. So slowly players started to leave this wonderful game because of the lack of renewed exploration. Eventually so did I. When I finally return after years of giving up on trying to find a game to topple Aion, I come back to see all of my characters on one server, all names gone, no one on the single server, and everyone being fast tracked to higher levels. then I'm told there's Aion classic. I'm excited, but I have to start over, I cant use my other characters, my kinah, my gear, all in the "other" game, and the drop rate is rubbish. Wait!!! No I have to purchase a monthly subscriptiuon to even get better than average drops... This is a recipe for destruction. If you wanted to make money from the players, why not fix the problems first, and make the money from that. From the second month of the game there have been bots selling kinah in game. Why not sell kinah yourselves? Instead of trying to sell the right to drops in the game, sell the currency. Sell exclusive items, rare items, event items, hard to find items, mission items, dungeon keys, etc. Why sell a basic function of the game? I would love to see this game not only continue to grow, but evolve. F*** WoW, I want Aion to be that game they still talk about. Do Better....

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Unfortunately, there is no CEO here anymore who is happy that you are playing his game, they all just want our best (our money).
So instead of making the effort to improve the game, they milk us (in their eyes, the "cow") to the last drop.
I loved everything at first.
Yes, the bots came...but be honest, where there are buyers there are also sellers and instead of banning them, nothing is being done about a plague but is continuing to worsen it with the quna market.
So the game is now just destroyed, the classic...
Things that the players bought in the shop are simply removed and now you can buy them again in order to open the new boxes that drop in the game (instead of regular open world loot like mana stones, recipes, weapons of any color) and just get scrap ...
I wanted to experience the "other way" that classic should go through, so I came to classic and left retail some time ago. Because nothing could be traded anymore with which you could earn your in-game Kinah.
Only in the shop for real money. No, that's not the game I've learned to love.
When there was still X-fire as a game Messenger and the online times of each of your games were measured, I played well over 25k hours in Aion back then.
No, unfortunately that will no longer happen.
It's a shame the only game with so much potential is screwed up so badly by its own manufacturer that, even if it hurts, it's quickly forgotten.

(under four years)
Soon it will be said in other forums from other games:
Player #1: “Do you remember? Aion once had a “classic” too!
Player #2: "Yes, I can hardly remember, do you mean the one that was gone so quickly and abandoned by the players because the manufacturer got too greedy!"


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