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Connection Instability


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I've noticed that after 2.8 my connection to Aion servers are getting really bad day after day.

(for all other things, my connection is normal, I work from home and I'm always in meetings, all other games being stable and stuff, I have tested everything and in every time of the day)

Specially when I have 2 clients opened, it freezes really bad and 1 of them always disconnects. Then, suddenly, when I wait for like 6 minutes or more, it comes back like nothing happened. No lag at all, all clear and normal. I don't know what exactly is happening, but I'm pretty sure it started after 2.8.

When I have just 1 client open, the time my game freezes turn to be like 3 or 4 min, and sometimes comes back, sometimes I disconnect.  I play as cleric, and this is being really annoying because everyone dies.

The game client thumbnails and links also do not load.

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