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Wolves of Grimwar [Recruiting]


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Hi there! Returning player [Beta/Launch] here, looking to start fresh on Danaria - Elyos side. (Yeah, I've been warned about the status of things siege/leadership wise). 

As a faithful Asmodian for years, a small group of Crows and myself have decided to try the other side. We'd love to have more people join us for the fun. 

1.) We are primarily english speaking (ESL okay!)
2.) We intend to run content as a group, including pvp as much as possible. 
3.) Our guild leaders (council run) - have more than ten years experience in the roles. Including Lineage 2, Black Desert Online, PWI, Aion [Prior to F2P], and more.

If you're interested, please apply in game or contact anyone with our guild tag. Thanks for your time!

**I feel like I should note, Thanks to MechEagle for all of the input! Made our faction choice easy <3**

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