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I cant stay login in game 1 week and no one carew


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For a week I have a problem with getting in to play and I sent tickets, not just one, and they wrote me normally. They didn't answer and they only care about the money they earn from us and not what we lose. The people are surely at most 10 years old with such behavior towards almost middle aged people. They put the problem on me and the problem is them. I'm losing money because I paid and I can't log in to play even the events. I log in and it kicks me out as soon as I get into the game.Αnd I have restarted the computer and downloaded the launcher 5 times. The people are there laughing with us. Ban me instead of helping me. Thank you for hearing how good you treat us

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Sometimes I have a problem that logging in on  a certain character on an account, Aion client crashes as soon as logging the character in. Then I restart and just choose another character to log in. If the 2nd time it also crashes I use a 3d character to log in and it usually works. Sometimes I had to log in to a level 1 character that don't play, then go to Character section and choose one of the characters I wanted to play. The problem on that account disappeared in 2 or 3 weeks, but appeared on another account. If you tried all characters and all crash, try to go to character creation, and after that to your old character.  

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