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guys new skills ,so hard to get either they cost to much from player to player and the effects like skills we already have....
lets talk for example CHanter class..

Word of combat -Seriously!!? BUFF STAYS ON  ONLY 30s  coldown time 5m are you for real???? also effect is the same as Word Of Insperation stigma either  WOI Increas Physical attack  by20%

camparing to Word of Combat  whitch only does 10% and reduces self physical defence and healing boost  by 300!!! could it be even more messed up? Oh yes it can ,it buffs over the Word Of  Insperation ....how great is that!!!!?

Usualy how it worked before  it was like this

Word Of Combat self buff and Word of Insperation group buff had same stats -but for solo chanters

Word of combat was option to have extra stigma instead of WOI when solo around the world

Thhere was Word of Combat self buff timing 2min  self buff with a 30 s skill coldown ,now its has 30 s self buff withing 5 min coldown + goes over Word of insperation has less procentage of physical attack increasion -decreases self phy Def and - 300 heal boost ?


can we fix this skill???

leave same effect as Wordof Insperation  for longer time bufself and reduce its coldown ,otherwise please change to something better than this as skill is  garbage ,broken


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This skill is absolute rubbish!!. Its a travesty compared to what it use to be in retail which was called lucidity. In retail it was like SM spiritual harmony you could keep it up indefinitely and it had like a 10s cd but lasted 1 min 30s . They removed the macc buff from it which made it so good. In   end game meta as a chanter your skills resist everything even glads sometimes due to our low macc and no passive boost even on regular chain skills like most other classes get.  The heal boost debuff makes it unusable in pve and pvp in its current state. In 2.8 the heal boost debuff is removed but this skill is still very underwhelming for a 10% physical attack increase for 30mins with a 5 min cd. It is worse than word of inspiration but it overwrites WOI. They really need to make this skill back to its original which would be balanced and not game breaking at all. This skill didnt need to be changed from lucidity at all. I would rather give up a stigma slot and put in WOI than use this rubbish skill. Side note its not even useable if in support spec since WOI is constantly being casted and in group pve/pvp it reduces your heals by a lot recovery spell only heals for 655 lol .


Please change this skill back to retail lucidity with macc added on and the heal boost debuff removed !! 

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