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Is Purple a good Idea for the Server?


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The Main features that it advertises are fundamentally useless as already use certain websites for this information. Examples:

The "Talk" function will be fundamentally useless as we use this forum for our information, complaints and updates. If anything, this will make addressing complaints harder, as players won't know to address them on Purple or on the forum website. The discord server is easily accessible to us as well for the very same reason.

The "Live" function is a waste of time and resources. The LFG chat is already built into this game to chat with other players, so why even bother advertising this potentially buggy livestream option unless NCsoft got several inquiries about wanting to snipe high rank players or watch an afk/semi-afk player craft mats for an hour?

I don't exactly know what the "ON" service is, but if someone can please explain to me how playing this Korean MMO focused on fast-paced pvp on a phone with cellular data connection is beneficial to the player experience, I'd be grateful.

The "Store" option is what this service is all about. You can always tell with website design as the feature is revealed second to last (really basic marketing strategy so ppl don't linger on it too long). Does the in-game quna shop have any fundamental flaws that this will address and fix? I don't think so. The quna shop is quick and already understood by players, so there's no need to reinvent it. I wonder what extra taxes this service will charge compared to our already established Quna shop..

I have the same complaints about the "Lounge" option as the "Live" option. We have LFG chat and Discord to talk to people and get in-game news. They are already established resources.

The PUSH notifications are laughable as well, because even NC-Soft knows this is useless by design. "20,000 NCoin Charged" "Player reacted ❤️ to your message" "Assassin has died (as if you wouldn't know after you came back to your computer after going afk in a pvp zone)".

Absolute waste of effort

If anyone could give greater detail on how this will provide the player anything more than a negative experience, I'm open to counter arguments.

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it's already a thing for all NC korea games. That's reason enough for the switch to happen as they won't update the current bad launcher.

Having an all-in-one launcher cuts down on costs, streamlines the workflow for devs and creates their own NC ecosystem comparable to battle.net to think this is a ''waste of effort'' is childish, shortsighted thinking.

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