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Looking for old siel players.


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Hello all, Ii am Turrell, currently playing Tovex (spiritmaster). I quit playing about 3 years ago or so, I am returning off and on here and there ignoring idiots in LFG xD. I am making this ONLY for people that may have some information about legions like Angels Of Anarchy and Combat Smurfs.

1) Chanteria, blossem, epitomia, epitomis are all the same person, from the Combat Smurfs Legion. Any others that may remember me. I am not wanting to join a Legion right now, i am doing my own thing for a while. Such as leveling up, getting ganked my 3 star officers, trying to complete quests and campaigns, lol. Let em kill me i don't care.

2) Jahzz from Angels Of Anarchy, and anyone else from that Legion that may remember me.

Please for the love of all that is somewhat good in this world don't reply to this post unless you remember me of have some info on these players.

Thank you for your time and happy doing whatever your doing! 

P.S. This is for my old legion mates ONLY, you can mail me in game, my names are fixed.

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