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Aion in 360°


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I am JXRaiv, I played on EU Nexus Asmodian between Aion 2.7 - Aion 4.7.5 as Templar. I quited before 4.8 but I was following news of Aion. Almost a year ago I started creating photos in 360° from various games. First in MMORPG "ArcheAge" (many pictures - I used some of them in my video "ArcheAge in 360°)

Use mouse or WSAD to move around.

then in TESO and in some singleplayer games. Some time ago I've created topics on EU forums about my personal project (personal because GameForge wasn't interested in creating official Virtual Tours of locations in Aion) of "Aion in 360°". Today I decided to share some links to my photos here aswell. Have fun:

| I'm using EU-English names because I played in this version for years. Sorry for any different names! Pictures in the same order as I was posting them on EU forums. |


Ishalgen after 5.6 update:




Want to see more? Feel free to followe me on my profiles:

https://kuula.co/profile/JXRaiv - I upload most of the single photos here - you can also check my photos from other games; My most popular photo: 
♦ "Photo of the day" 2017-11-14 on Kuula.co: https://kuula.co/post/7lcS6 - HITMAN (2016): Sapienza, Italy | "The World of Tomorrow" mission;

https://roundme.com/@jxraiv - I upload Virtual Tours here - not as often as single photos on Kuula.

Want to order some single 360° photos (Interior of your house or some unique guild photo) or Virtual Tours not only from Aion? PM me for more info or add me on Discord: JXRaiv#2261 

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