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New Streamer returning player NCoin Giveway


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Hey guys! I am a new streamer just jumping in looking to have fun and play some games. At the moment all I am really playing are Aion (returning player) and League, waiting for some some of the new mmo's, and will be playing some other single player games and some VR, really whatever fancies me.

I am possibly going to try to make the push for affiliate this weekend, and thought a fun way to try and do that is have some NCoin giveaways and interact with the community.

I was thinking I would do one day just tooling around Aion and 5.8, probably saturday as I think that is when Divine Fortress will be, where the giveaway would be NCoin as I said.

Then another day, probably Sunday while my fiancee goes to a wedding expo, playing League of Legends and doing some RP giveaways. So I hit both communities that I will probably be streaming in, and see if I can meet the requirements for affiliate!

I am trying to judge interest levels and will update with more detail later in the week. Let me know your thoughts!

My channel https://www.twitch.tv/therealrando1


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